Kate Matsumoto



An archive of traditional and auspicious Japanese New Year recipes.

I am a fourth generation Japanese American. My family doesn't speak Japanese at home, and our annual new year's feast or oshogatsu, is our last stronghold to our culture and roots. Every year we make dozens of dishes that all have auspicious meaning and symbolism to usher in a prosperous new year that I never fully understood, so for my final project in my front end web development course at General Assembly I decided to design an archive of recipes for other assimilated Japanese Americans like me who don't want this part of their culture to die because of apathy and diaspora.

The site currently uses all of the most beautiful placeholder content I could find on the internet, eventually I hope it will be a collaborative site or blog showcasing original photos and recipes that other Japanese Americans can use and add to once it is migrated over to a satisfactory CMS.

Visit the beta site and please feel free to leave any suggestions.

Launch date: November 2015