Kate Matsumoto


Puerto Rico!

I was lucky enough to spend the last 3 days in Puerto Rico for my friend Mario's 30th birthday. It was an amazing experience and left me wishing that I had booked a longer trip.


For 3 days we ate, drank, danced, and laid on Puerto Rico's breath-taking beaches; we even had an opportunity to explore El Yunque, a national park devoted to the largest rainforest in Fajardo, seen above.

One recommendation I would make to anyone going to Puerto Rico is to visit the island of Culebra (seen above). The white sandy beaches are serene and secluded, the water is warm, clear, and deep. There's also a cute food court for you to grab pinches (kabobs), one of Puerto Rico's only dishes that isn't deep fried. Trust me, you'll want it.

If you go to Culebra, buy your tickets in advance. As in, before you land in Puerto Rico. Advance tickets sell out early online and if you don't buy them before you get there, you'll have to wake up at 3am to line up to catch the 9am ferry, which is what we did. 

Our early morning trip was particularly eventful because we took a cargo ferry instead of a commercial one-- meaning that we didn't have seats and stood the entire length of the super rocky 1.5 hour ride. I almost tossed my cookies a few times, but was able to hold 'em down until we were safely on dry land.