Kate Matsumoto


Sundays are for Shibori

On Sunday, my friend Jordan and I got a chance to dip our toes (or fingers) into the world of Itajime style Shibori at Brooklyn Grange, an awesome rooftop farm in the Navy Yard. Shibori is Japanese style indigo dying, and the Itajime method uses folding techniques to create patterns in the fabric (which you can see below on the right).

This more circular pattern was created using the Nemaki method, very similar to American style tie-dye.

The entire experience was really cathartic, super fun, and I found out afterwards that it's also ridiculously affordable to do at home. Here's a link to buy the indigo dye our teacher recommended (less than $10).

Here's a pattern I want to try next via Kaizen Journey. Can't wait to do it again.